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Heritage Bank Home Loan Review

Heritage Bank Home Loan rated 5/5 by Dot Loans

Heritage is a customer-owned bank and claimed to be the largest in Australia, starting way back in 1875. No matter what it is that you are looking for, there is a chance that Heritage will have it. This is a review about their home loan products. After arriving onto their website I was met with several tabs; Personal, Business and People First. The home loan information was located under the Personal tab and it gave me a lot of information about them... [read more]

Suncorp Home Loan Review

Suncorp Home Loan rated 5/5 by Dot Loans

Suncorp offers a variety of financial services to both personals and businesses such as banking and insurance. One product that interests me the most is their home loan products. How great are they? What do they offer? In this review we will have a close look at them and see how they differ from other companies... [read more]

AMP Home Loan Review

AMP Home Loan rated 5/5 by Dot Loans

Looking for a mortgage? The reason why I decided to review AMP is the fact that their home loan services have been ranked Gold in 2013, meaning they are good for value and consumers like you. For those that do not know much about AMP, they are a direct bank which means they do not have any physical locations that you can walk in. Instead, you will need to contact one of their so called agents... [read more]

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